Lovable Cotons 


Coton De Tulear Puppies, 

Are you ready for LOVE???  The Madagascar Coton de Tulear breed is the most loving, sweet, affectionate dogs I have ever had the pleasure of raising. They enjoy being with their family, and are very attentive and loyal. They truly are LOVE. Cotons are the best companion dogs, fun loving, constant entertainment and live to please their family.

I currently have no puppies available. If you are interested in a future puppy, it is best to email me: [email protected] or text me at 410-610-4776  with your contact information. Please forward the family questionnaire located on my website.

Cotons are a hypoallergenic dog breed that doesn't shed or have
doggie odor. This breed is very smart and because
of their charming, sweet, funny and laid back
personalities have been known to be therapy dogs.

I am passionate about the Coton De Tulear breed as they are the best dog breed I have ever had as part of my family. All my babies are given lots of love, kisses and attention. They are exposed to all kinds of people noises, other dogs and animals. My objective is raising, happy, healthy social  puppies that transition from my home to your loving family. I will support all my puppy families during the transition and beyond. 

I raise traditional white as well as Cotons of color: when they originated in Madagascar they were originally of color.   My Mom's  founding stud, Black Tye is AKC-FSS registered and AKC DNA tested to be a pure bred Coton de Tulear.  Tye's coat was coal black with a white chest. 

Contact Cindy at 410-610-4776 or [email protected] and fall in love with the Coton de Tulear!

Some past puppies that have gone to their loving forever homes...

For more Coton de Tulear breed info: Coton Dog Breed Information

 A  GOOD breeder takes a LIFETIME interest in ALL dogs produced. I want to know how your puppy does in its new home, I encourage getting calls, emails, cards from you and I am always there for you when a question or problem comes up. A good breeder is a mentor and a good friend to all buyers and dogs they have produced.  A good breeder is passionate about the breed and breeds with high ethics and morals to improve the standards of the breed. A responsible breeder will sell the puppy with a spay/neuter contract.  A spayed or neutered dog will live a long heathier life! That being said.  I enjoy hearing from all my Coton owners.  I provide a loving start to each of my puppies lives and look forward to knowing how they are doing and adjusting with their forever families.

Cesar Milan suggests your new family member meet 130 people by the time they are a year old.  Cotons are very friendly and social, and getting them out and about is a must for this happy go lucky pet. They are a very smart dog, and soak up everything you teach them, there are a lot of puppy classes, obedience classes, and therapy dog classes you can enroll your Coton in.  They love the attention and they love the structure of learning new things. 

 I became a breeder for two reasons the love of animals and to continue my Mom's passion for the Coton breed and her legacy. I was always raised with animals and love them so much. This experience has been truly amazing. My Mom always told me one of the biggest blessings of having this breed is the amazing families that I will met and continue to be friends with after their puppies go home.  

I have met some incredible people!! These dogs have an amazing purpose and they love everyone and have made a lot families complete with their presence in their lives.  They truly connect with the people that adopt them. They give unconditional love well beyond what I have ever imagined.  Go to my testimonials page for more stories that my satisfied customers have shared with me.

In loving Memory to my Mom, Helen, who started CotonBarH over thirteen years ago breeding Cotons with coats of color.  I wish to continue her passion and legacy with her Cotons that I find are the most amazing dogs.