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Quotes We got our puppy from Helen in July. She is the best thing that ever happened to us! We waited weeks until she was able to be shipped to us in new york and Helen sent us tons of pics and set up all the flight stuff. Helen is an amazing breeder and so accomodating- whenever we called she always answered all our questions(there were a ton since we are new puppy owners)!!! Our colored coton girl is amazing, smart, and arrived potty trained! We cannot thank Helen enough for our baby and would definitely recommend her as a breeder!!! Brittany & Ben from NYC Quotes
very satisfied coton parents!!

Quotes We got our coton from Helen in Feb. she was not only super helpful (since both of us were first time owners) but also so flexible about our pick up dates and taking care of our little one when we had to leave the country! We could not have picked a better person to adopt him from! Thanks a ton Helen!!! Quotes
Hitisha and Prashant
Happy Parents

Quotes I just got Lola from Helen a week ago. She was 11 weeks old and already very well trained. She's almost sleeping through the night in a crate, is walking on her leash, and is doing great with potty training. I was very impressed with the training Helen did before I got her. She is also very well socialized - very friendly with kids and not afraid of anything including thunderstorms. I am so glad I did alot of homework on dog breeds and landed on a Coton AND so glad I found a good breeder. There are Coton's closer me in Nebraska - but they are a puppy mill - do not go there. Call Helen instead! She truly raises sweet and smart dogs. Quotes
Sweetest puppy ever!

Quotes I had Matty flown to me,as soon as I opened her crate her little tail was wagging so fast and she started licking me ,it was love at first sight.She was already paper trained .She is beautiful,sweet and makes me laugh.I am so glad I choosed Helen,she was always available to answer questions I had,she did a wonderful job with Matty. Quotes
Debbie Calamari
Beautiful Puppy

Quotes WE LOVE OUR LITTLE BIJOU!!!  He's a sweetheart of a puppy with a bubbly (but not hyper) personality!  He stands on his hind legs and bounces up and down to greet us!  He was the puppy I had gone to Helen?s to see, based on an online photo; happily, while I was sitting on the floor, HE chose ME by repeatedly settling on my lap!  Bijou is French for a jewel: one definition says a small and exquisitely wrought; a gem! And Bijou is a gem!  He?s doing beautifully with crate training, handles well on a leash, and he never barks during the night!  He is a tri-color with a lot of dark markings; I?m hoping he will retain substantial black and champagne coloring after the rest of his color fades out.    Helen is exactly the kind of breeder I was trying to find: a home breeder whose dogs are loved and well-cared-for and pets, whose puppies are socialized, and who keeps a bright, clean nursery with lots of happy, playful puppies!  I wanted a Coton because my six-year-old son, Cade, is autistic. Quotes
Nancy Morris

Quotes Dexter was born last year on my birthday. I had to inpatiently wait until he was old enough to come home with us. Helen was wonderful and allowed us to come visit him weekly so he would be socialized to us before he came home. She is a wonderful lady and raises the puppies will love and affection. Dexter is almost one year old and I constantly get compliments on what a wonderful, smart and beautiful dog he is. I have trained many dogs in my life and he is by far the smartest dog I have ever known. Thank you Helen for the wonderful addition to our family. Helen is a quality breeder and I highly recommend her puppies. Quotes
Kami Owen
Thanks Helen!

Quotes Elvis was as good as his photos showed. The breeder was very professional and friendly. We had a great experience. Quotes
Bill & Helen
satisfied customers

Quotes I want to thank Helen for the latest addition to our family! Helen named him "Little Bear"...we usually just call him Bear because even though he is still little, he is fearless! We went to look at puppies that were four weeks old and to pick ours out and hold it with a deposit. I didn't know that the choice would be so difficult due to ALL of the puppies were adorable. But we decided we would get a female so that eliminated about half of them. While trying to decide, I got to playing with "Little Bear" (who is 6 months old) and Helen informed me that he too was for sale. He has the best personality and is just beautiful and I knew I was "in love" with him!! So my decision was made and I will never look back! I don't know why Bear was not snatched up already, but I feel blessed that we had the privilege to adopt him. We could not be happier!!! Helen, thank you so very much for your sacrifice...I know you miss him but he could not have gone home with a better family!! Quotes
Donna Moore
"Little Bear" Lover

Quotes I just received Jack (now Benji) 2 days ago and my expericence with Helen was so wonderful. She was having a busy time when I called, first she wasn't feeling well and she had been up all night with a dog who was giving birth. She was very pleasant and answered all my questions and was very easy to speak with. I have spoken to her a couple of times since I have received Jack and she was always happy to talk to me, I live in AZ and when the temperture get too hot the dogs cannot be flown in and our weather has been so weird lately. She called the Airlines to find out at what temperature was it safe. Within 3 days of our conversation Jack saw the vet got his rabie shot, exam and was put on the plane without a hitch. I would deffinately recommend Helen to anyone who was looking for a Coton. Benji has adjusted very well in the short time he has been here. He has learned to use the doggie door and is just a joy to be around. Thank you Helen for such a joy. Susan Quotes
Susan Hester
Very Happy

Quotes "Surf" came to me via Texas ten days ago. I live on the CA coast. My little boy loves the ocean sounds and playing in the sand, he is indeed the PERFECT little dog for me. I cannot go anywhere without having people stop and pet him. Thank you Helen for bringing him up to be so social and healthy. Surf loves people and enjoys all the attention. He is so photogenic & very smart. I have taught him to ring a bell when he needs to go potty and for the last four days we have not had any accidents! Surf has meet all four grandchildren and travels extremly well. Yes, Helen is the breeder I recommend to anyone looking or even considering a Coton de Tulear. Surf and I appreciate the match Helen made for us. We are both better for being in each other's lives. Thank you so very much Helen. Quotes
Beach Lovers
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