Lovable Cotons 



Quotes We got our wonderful girl Maggie from Cindy last week. Our experience could not have been better. She was very helpful, kind and knowledgeable. The puppy we have is obviously socialized. Maggie is even sleeping through the night. Appreciate the opportunity to get such a sweet baby! Quotes
L Powell
Happy baby

Quotes We have hadn't our Ethel for a week and a half now, and she has a gift for endearing herself to anyone she meets. This is our first Coton, and Cindy truly nailed the fact that they are big dogs in a small dog's body. Our last dog was an amazing black Lab. Ethel has the same loving and gentle nature in a much, much smaller package. Very bright too. And what a clown! We live on Inks Lake in Texas and water is part of life. Ethel swims now and loves to take boat rides. She will happily join in anything we do and is truly adorable! After having raised many different dogs over the years it's obvious when you have a puppy with a good temperament. Quotes
Garry Kimball
New Coton Owner

Quotes We got our beautiful,happy little Stella Margaret just a week ago and could not be happier. Cindy graciously met us so that we could pick our puppy up. Stella is just a little ball of cuteness, is sleeping through the night and loves other dogs our grand kids and just about everything! You can tell that Cindy has taken great care in socializing her puppies and it showed in happy, well adjusted puppies. Quotes
Jane & Dennis
Happy Coton parents

Quotes I would recommend a puppy from Cindy at Lovable Cotons (formerly Cotonbarh). She is such a caring and responsible breeder. My sweet Pippa fits perfectly the descriptions of the Coton breed. She is a smart, lovable, and cuddly companion. Thanks Cindy! Quotes
Helen Windham
Happy owner of Pippa

Quotes We selected our little baby after viewing the pictures that Cindy sent us. On Valentine Day we drove from Dallas to Needville to meet our little black (with white rear toes, white chin & white stripe down her chest) puppy. Our hearts melted on the spot! We spent some time with her and came back to take her to her new home in Dallas on Sunday. She was so good on her 4hr drive home! On Monday, we took her to the vet for a general health check and she proved to be in excellent health and the vet was very happy with her. Through the whole adoption process, Cindy was absolutely fantastic! When mommy wanted picture updates while we waited for Jetta to be weaned, Cindy was always willing to oblige. It was a great experience and this was our first adoption experience. We would highly recommend Cindy and Cotonbarh!!! Quotes
Our beautiful little girl

Quotes We bought Lilly from Helen on April 17th 2009 as a bday gift for our daughter, and she has been the best dog ever. She was flown to NJ. She is our princess. Quotes
Rodriguez family
Our little car rider

Quotes We have now had Ringo for a month and he is the most precious puppy. Cotons are such perfect companions. They love everyone (and everyone loves them). We had been searching for a dog but had quite a list of criteria. Non shedding, soft coat, small, good temperament, loving. Ringo has exceeded our 'list' and we are astounded that these beautiful animals are such a well kept secret. I just sent Helen an email and would like to quote one of the sentences: 'Thank you again for being such a wonderful breeder with honesty, intergrity and, most of all, the love and dedication you have to ensure that these cotons not only go to a good home but, while in your care, experience a true and loving home. I would highly recommend Helen to anyone who is searching for that 'perfect dog'. Thank you Helen!! Quotes
Graham & Tina Bell
British dog lovers

Quotes Helen is to be commended for her breeding of Cotons! Lucy is such a happy loving baby. Thank you Helen Quotes
Lisa Cassity

Quotes We adopted Dixie in July 2013 when she was 6 months old. Being at that age, we thought she would be a good companion for our older dog, Benji who just lost his best friend, Molly. They play for hours and are now inseparable! She is so smart, affectionate, and wants to be held or lay in our laps all the time. If she?s not getting your full attention, she picks up her food or water bowl and carries it around in her mouth which can be challenging if they are full. When we get ice from the freezer, she comes to get her little piece of ice so that she can flip it in the air. We are very impressed with the potty training Helen did before she came home. You can see that her early days with Helen were filled with love and care. What a pleasure to find a devoted breeder who takes such pride raising such an impeccable breed. Again, thank you Helen for Dixie with her Coton personality which has brought joy into our home. Happy b-day Dixie 12-22-13. Quotes
Pete and Jana
Cotons Rule!

Quotes We had to bring the puppy from Texas, to LA and to Asia, all in a very tight schedule! Helen was able to assist us and procure all necessary quickly documents! We are extremely happy with our black Coton, and recommend Helen to all! Helen made the process so easy and smooth! Perfect for international dog lovers! Quotes
Cat and Carlo Antonio
Satisfied Parents