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A deposit is a trust. The puppy you have chosen will be held for you until it is ready to leave its mother. All puppies are treated equally with loving care whether the puppy is sold or not. The puppy you have purchased will be ready to go to its forever home between 8 and 9 weeks old.  All puppies with deposits on them must be selected by the time the puppies are 4 to 5 weeks old to be fair to all the people with deposits. If for some reason there aren?t enough puppies for all the deposits taken you will be put on the waiting list for the next litter.   Deposits are non-refundable. The order in which the deposits are received determines the order in which you are to choose your puppy. If you put first deposit down you get first pick whether it be a boy or a girl, etc. and so on. If there are not enough puppies to cover all the deposits your deposit will be switched to the next future litter.


Payment Options:


Deposit of $300 is required to hold the puppy until it is ready to go to his/her forever home.  Puppies must be picked up at the time they are ready between 8 and 9 weeks old.  This is a crucial bonding time between the puppy and their new family.



 Payment in full is due by the time the puppy is six weeks old. Final payment is cash or cashiers check only. If puppy is being sent via airplane or driver, the puppy must be paid for 2 weeks prior to being sent to their new owners in order for payment to clear.


All sales are final. No cash is ever refunded just because you changed your mind, no longer want, found elsewhere etc.  I want you to be committed to purchasing the puppy at the time you are putting a deposit down. I want to know the family that is purchasing this puppy is going to give them a loving, forever home.  


All puppies have been vet checked before adoption. All puppies come with a health guarantee against life threatening genetic disorders.  My Vet will vet check the puppy at 8 weeks old before they go to their forever home along with administering their first set of shots.


The puppy comes with all health records, puppy care guide, and a puppy packet. Puppies are sold as pet quality, and the purchase agreement also requires you to spay or neuter your puppy before it is one year old. Puppies are sold as pet quality and are not intended to be used for breeding purposes. Registration papers will be released once proof of spay or neuter is received from your licensed veterinarian on their letterhead.  


Health guarantee: To the best of my knowledge your puppy is healthy and will be vet checked, wormed and have it's first set of shots upon purchase.  Your puppy is guaranteed for a period of one year against life threatening birth diseases existing at birth.  Should a condition arise, proof of the condition by a your licensed veterinarian will need to be documented and I must be contacted immediately.  My vet will verify the condition and you may return the puppy for replacement.  At no time is the money refunded nor veterinary or shipping fees be paid by the breeder.


Buyer agrees to have puppy seen by a qualified veterinarian within 72 hrs of release to have it checked at buyers? expense. Once the vet check is completed the sale becomes final. If the buyer doesn't take the puppy to the vet the sale automatically becomes final in 72 hours.  I highly recommend that this vet check take place or the health guarantee becomes void. A copy of you Vet check exam is to be mailed within 10 days from purchase date otherwise health guarantee becomes void from Breeder. Please keep your puppy on the current food he is receiving.  Changing the puppy's food can cause loose stools and a puppy can become dehydrated very quickly.  If you are going to change his or her food, please check with your veterinarian and make sure you mix the food 50/50 to wean them off what they are currently eating.  If the puppy does have loose stools please take a stool sample to your veterinarian immediately.  Currently, my adults and puppies are being fed Tractor Supply brand 4Health (made for TSC by Diamond) dog food.   

Buyer agrees to maintain immunizations and regular vet checks through out dog's life. Buyer understands that the puppy is not fully immunized against parvo until all the puppy vaccinations have been given.  Buyer should not take puppy to public places, parks, and other areas that they could contact parvo until the puppy has had his or her third or fourth immunization (some vets require 3 sets of shots, some require 4 sets of shots.)





*We do not guarantee against conditions brought on by stress or environmental changes that we cannot control once the puppy leaves our care. Therefore we do not guarantee against Hypoglycemia, parasites, worms, viral or bacterial infections. Seller will not be responsible for parvo, distemper or corona virus, and kennel cough after 48 hours of release of the puppy, as these are such highly contagious diseases they can be contracted immediately after leaving Seller. Contract does not cover the following: Eye problems, ear problems, skin problems, hair or coat problems, giardia, coccidia, worms, bite, luxating patellas, hips, hernias, temperament , or undescended testicles. Umbilical and inguinal hernias are easily repaired at the time of spaying or neutering and is not a reason for returning a puppy.


***This purchase agreement does not give breeding rights. The price reflects this puppy to be sold as a pet only.  You must sign a spay and neuter agreement stating the puppy will be altered by the time they are one year old, and that proof of spay or neuter will be mailed or emailed to me by the time the pet is one year old.****



Buyer agrees to keep dog as an "indoor" pet and will not leave dog outside alone or for prolonged periods of time. I want my puppies to go to loving, safe homes.

Buyer agrees never to sell dogs to research labs or pet shops, and agrees to return the dog if they find out their lifestyle has changed and no longer would be capable of providing a loving home for them, so I can place in a good home. I am always available after the sale if you have any questions.  I want the adjustment to their new homes to be a safe and happy one.


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