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The Health Benefits of Spaying and Neutering your pet


All puppies sold to familes are sold as pets and are not to be used for breeding purposes.  All owners are required to sign and spay and neuter agreement.  I want my puppies to go to loving homes as companion pets.  The benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered fair outweighs the risks. Pets that are spayed and neutered live longer, healthy lives, and have less behavioral issues. Spayed and neutered animals get along better with each other and exhibit less aggression issues towards animals of the same gender. 

In female dogs breast cancer and uterine infections are elimated once they are spayed and they should be spayed prior to their first cycle to elimate these risks. In male dogs prostate and testicular cancer are elininated once neutered.

Male animals are less likely to mark their territory by urinating or spraying and less likely to run away in an attempt to find a female when neutered. This does not, however, mean you should leave your neutered pet outside unattended. 

 Want to take your dog to that fun dog park down the street or the daycare around the corner? Then your dog needs to be spayed or neutered as most dog parks and daycares require it. 

Spaying and neutering are straightforward surgeries and are performed under anesthesia. Like any surgical procedure, there is some risk but the overall incidence of complications is extremely low. 

A responsible breeder will make sure that the pets they place in forever homes are sold with a spay and neuter agreement.